Revolutionise your asset monitoring with ZeOn-Demand Printable Indicators

ZeOn-Demand printable indicators offer a comprehensive solution for tracking assets’ environmental exposure while providing vital identifying information.

When product quality is affected by environmental conditions, immediate identification becomes crucial. Our indicators deliver an easy-to-read environmental marker on a thermally printable label, offering insight into an item’s exposure to varying conditions. Our unique solution allows you to print variable text and barcodes alongside a sensor that traditionally only provided a visual indication of whether products have been maintained within necessary conditions or have undergone proper processing.

In manufacturing, certain components require exposure to high heat for physical or chemical alteration, or for stress-testing to ensure adherence to quality standards. One challenge faced is confirming that the item has reached the required heat level.

Zebra introduces a solution to this problem with ZeOn-Demand RFID High Temperature Indicator (HTI). These indicators provide an efficient alternative to manual temperature measurement, offering a faster visual indication of the heat level. This visual indication can be validated by a vision system and related software.

Additionally, these indicators can be printed with a Zebra thermal printer providing straightforward visual or RFID-read cues for frontline workers, allowing important information such as SKU, serial number, and manufacture date to be included on the label for supply chain and manufacturing needs.

By integrating ZeOn-Demand Printable Indicators, thermal printers, and Vision Systems & Software into your manufacturing process, you can automate information and enhance production efficiency and ensure product quality.

For more information, visit www.zebra.com/tempmonitoring

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