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“Revolutionary” compressors hit the road

WITH manufacturers now having a strong focus on cutting energy costs and reducing their carbon footprint, CompAir believe it’s on a winner with the company’s new Quantima air compressor range.

Described as the most revolutionary advance in compressor technology in 50 years, Max Light, CompAir’s sales director said Quantima will “fundamentally change the way industry operates in the future”.

Speaking at the company’s Sydney presentation today (November 20), Light claimed the new oil-free technology can cut energy costs by up to 25% and greenhouse emissions by 35%.

Attendees at the packed event were told that as a result of the energy savings and emission reductions, company’s using the technology could earn carbon credits under the new national emissions trading scheme scheduled to begin in 2010.

Light said they could also qualify for government financial assistance available to offset new energy efficient plant equipment.

According to Light installing a 300kW Quantima compressor can cut carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 2000t over 10 years, and had a carbon reducing impact equal to taking 75 cars off the road.

“Under the carbon emissions trading scheme, every tonne of carbon saved would be money in the bank.

“The Quantima is a variable speed compressor, with no gearbox or oil, plus it is quieter and more compact than industry standard compressors,” Light told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

“With only one moving part spinning at speeds up to 60,000rpm in a magnetic field, Quantima incorporates the most advanced compression technology, delivering the most efficient and highest quality, oil-free compressed air.”

While having “high expectations” for the compressor range, he admitted it’s not for everyone.

“It’s not for those who are OK with oil-laden air, and at present it’s only available in four frame sizes, from 150kW to 300kW,” Light said.

While the compressor demands no premium in price, Light said the real bonus is that it provides a substantial reduction in carbon emissions with significantly lower energy and maintenance costs.

Light said a number of companies have already installed the technology, with the Murray Goulburn Co-operative, installing the Quantima system at its Leongatha plant in Victoria.

He said in just five months, the company had reduced energy and maintenance costs by $147,000 and cut carbon emissions by 1900t. These savings are expected to double in a full year.

While the Melbourne and Sydney presentation have already been held, registrations are still available for the other states (Brisbane in February 09, Adelaide in March 09, and Perth in May 09) through

On registration, manufacturers are asked to provide some details of their current compressed air usage. CompAir will then do an assessment on the energy, greenhouse and cost savings that the Quantima can deliver and provide these at the presentations.

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