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Researchers focus on improving renewable connections to the grid

A new study that will explore how to best integrate renewable energy technology to help strengthen unstable parts of Australia’s energy grid is being backed by the federal government through a grant of $495,680 that will be provided to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to the Monash University’s Grid Innovation Hub.

Large renewable resources, such as wind and solar farms, can be located in weaker areas of the electricity grid prone to stability issues. This study aims to explore a range of solutions which address stability issues so as to avoid costly connection delays and network remediation solutions. It will also help to reduce the risks for developing new renewable generation connections.

Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Angus Taylor said the project would provide clarity on how best to ensure wind and solar farms don’t weaken the performance of the grid.

“Australia is a world leader in renewable energy, but renewables don’t come without their challenges,” Taylor said.

“In 2019, 23 per cent of electricity generation in the National Electricity Market came from renewable energy.

“We need to ensure the grid can support Australia’s growing renewable resources, while keeping the lights on, and energy bills low for households and businesses.

“Studies like this are important to help inform future decisions in terms of effective management of renewable energy in the grid.”

The $1.3 million study will use the West Murray Region of North West Victoria as the case study, due to the region’s current system stability challenges.

The grant funding from ARENA will assist two Monash University Grid Innovation Hub researchers to undertake the project.

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