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Renesas and Dialog offer combined products via Digi-Key


Digi-Key Electronics, electronic components and automation products distributor, has confirmed its continued support for the Renesas Electronics and Dialog Semiconductor product portfolio following the merging of the two companies in August. 

As an immediate benefit of the completed merger, Digi-Key Electronics has announced five new powerful product combinations from Renesas and Dialog that are now available to customers. 

These include: 

  • 100 W Adapter with Power Delivery and Wireless Charger 
  • Smart Asset Tracking Label 
  • Smart Connected Pulse Oximeter 
  • Smart ToF-based Rangefinder with Mobile App 
  • Smart Lock with Super Low Power Wi-Fi and BLE 

These expert designs showcase both Renesas’ and Dialog’s complementary and combined powerhouse product portfolios for embedded processing, analog, power and connectivity. 

With these engineering-vetted designs, customers can take advantage of an elevated platform for their design ideas, accelerating the product development cycle and lowering the overall risk to bring their designs to market. 

“We are proud to support the completion of the merger between Renesas and Dialog by offering new winning combinations from their extensive product portfolio,” Digi-Key vice president of global supplier management David Stein said. 

“These combinations capture and highlight the technological advantages provided by the newly combined company.” 

For more information on the product combinations from Renesas and Dialog, visit the Digi-Key Electronics website. 

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