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Product: Reln Soakwell Rapid Flow

RELN’S business is focussed on the advanced design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of products for the plumbing, hardware, agricultural and nursery industries.

The company’s product, Soakwell Rapid Flow, is an easily installed surface water drainage system engineered especially for sandy soils such as those found in Western Australia and parts of the East Coast.

It is a complete and improved solution for the collection and dispersal of surface and storm water. It is easy and effective to install for non-traffic areas.

With the recent addition of a lightweight plastic lid, tested to a one and a half tonne limit, users no longer have to haul heavy concrete slabs or tonnes of blue metal to backfill water dispersal pits.

A similarly super strong and light Soakwell Base, (A 150-litre water storage pit) features a corrugated beehive shape and is designed to withstand ground pressure.

The pit has angled drainage slots to provide maximum water flow to surrounding soil and to prevent soil entering the Soakwell Base.

The corrugated design of the base, protected by the well’s geotextile sock, is designed for optimum inflow and outflow for collection of water and subsequent irrigation of the surrounding area.

The company is committed to R&D and typically invests 5% of sales revenue into developing new technologies and manufacturing processes to enable it to produce cost-efficiently for local and international success.

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