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Project: Redarc Electronics Innovation Centre

IN late 2007, family-based business Redarc Technologies implemented a major process improvement project with the construction of a new $5m innovation centre in Lonsdale South Australia.

Installing the latest state-of-the-art technology coupled with the implementation of a new lean manufacturing process provides Redarc with the capacity to further develop export markets. Redarc also invested heavily into new lead free technology that not only benefits the environment but results in higher quality products.

A new generation “pick and place” machine allows exceptional placement accuracy of surface mount components.

Additionally, Redarc is using the latest “vapour phase” technology to reflow printed circuit boards. This efficient, low energy process has the added advantage of precise temperature control, ensuring that components are not subjected to damaging, high peak temperatures.

Redarc also procured a selective solder machine that automatically solders through-hole components. All these improvements have lead to higher quality products, making them even more reliable and safer for the environment.

This new investment has ensured that Redarc is one of the most advanced, environmentally friendly electronics manufacturers in Australia.

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