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Recycled asphalt used in Regency to Pym project

The consortium delivering the Regency to Pym Project, R2P Alliance, has selected building materials made from waste products as part of the project.

To seal the construction office carpark a product consisting of 100 per cent recycled materials has been chosen.

The material used is made up of 110,000 plastic bags, 324 kilograms of recycled canola oil, 2,500 printer cartridges, and 207 tonnes of recycled asphalt. The end result is a slightly cleaner and more sustainable project, said SA Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government, Stephan Knoll.

“This meant we were able to save 9.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide which is equal to taking nine cars off our roads.”

While on a relatively small scale at this point, the success of the project allowed engineers to test how adding plastics to asphalt affects the performance and delivery of the materials.

“The project will also be supporting a trial of the addition of plastic to the asphalt mix on a section of road pavement and will be exploring further opportunities to use recyclable materials on other aspects of the works,’ said Knoll.

The project involved industry partner Downer, and is part of wider sustainability goals of the R2P Alliance.

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