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Recycled asphalt receives innovation award

An Australian manufacturer’s circular economy solution has been recognised at the NSW Green Globe Awards.

Integrated services company Downer Group’s Reconophalt took the innovation category award. The product takes soft plastics, glass, toner, and reclaimed road to create pavement, laid across NSW. The product is itself able to be recycled at the end of its use life, demonstrating its circular economy credentials, said Dante Cremasco, executive general manager, road services at Downer.

“Further to the initial benefits of repurposing recycled materials in asphalt, Downer has the capability to perpetually recycle Reconophalt pavements into the future, providing a truly sustainable solution.”The first time the product was used, in the Sutherland Shire, southern Sydney, 176,000 plastic bags and packaging items, 55,440 glass bottles, toner from 3,960 printer cartridges and 66 tonnes of recycled asphalt was used to create a road.

The avoidance of virgin materials and collaborative development and implementation was particularly noted, said Dante.

“This award proves that with thought leadership in sustainability and partnerships with progressive and environmentally conscious governments, suppliers and customers, we can continue to set new benchmarks in recycling and repurposing waste materials into new streams of use. It’s all about pulling products, not pushing waste,” he said.

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