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Listening to customers key to client success

Radcoflex Australia puts strong value on dedication, reliability and experience to support and deliver solutions to a vast array of industries, which it has done for more than 60 years. The company works with many of the nation’s and the world’s largest names in mining, oil and gas, energy, construction, transport, trade supply, agriculture, chemical and aviation industries.

Radcoflex managing director Bruce Robinson said customer relationships have been forged through hard work. “Our goal has always been to deliver adaptive and innovative solutions to challenges presented across the myriad of industry sectors we support.

“In most respects, we view our customer and vendor relationships as a type of partnership, and like all partnerships you have to remain attentive and supportive to grow together,” said Robinson.

The company prides itself in its bespoke manufacturing capability. “We have the right experience, knowledge and capability and we are building on the industries we already support,” he said.    

Widely known for its flexible hoses and metal, fabric and rubber expansion joints, Radcoflex has been responsible for a range of innovative solutions. One of those, the OhmSeal camlock, was developed by the company to enhance tanker fuelling safety in response to a fuel tanker fire in South Australia. The OhmSeal is now the industry standard for fuelling hose systems for tankers.

The company responds to industry needs with development of a simple metric to imperial hose conversion for small marine diesel engine manufacturing applications, special UV shielding systems for its range of rubber expansion joints, and bespoke renewable energy hose fabrication for emerging energy technology. Radcoflex works with inventors and entrepreneurs to produce specialised armoured shielding for shark deterrence technology and it produced the gas lines for the 2000 Sydney Olympics’ flame.

The company is experiencing a revitalised supply line of expansion joints and hoses into South-East Asia and it has extended its reach into New Zealand.

Radcoflex Australia director Mat Carroll said the company is forging ahead with long-established clients while simultaneously working inside new and emerging industries to meet new challenges. “It’s truly an exciting time for us as we drive into renewables, related technologies and sustainable environmental management,” said Carroll.

“We have an innate ability to modify and adapt our products to an incredibly diverse range of industries because of our high-quality product range and in-house manufacturing capability,” he said.

Radcoflex also works with local and international customers to provide complex hose assemblies and rubber expansion joints for holistic solutions to decontamination of local water supplies.

“The ever-increasing global demand and need for clean water is an enormous challenge and we are very proud of the work we are doing in this space,” said Carroll.

“We will continue to develop our relationships with companies at the forefront of renewable energy ventures and development. We  are highly receptive and driven to support and assist customers and potential customers in all sectors,” he said.

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