Quickstep to develop automotive composites for Audi and the German government

Perth’s Quickstep Holdings has teamed-up with car manufacturer Audi and the German government to develop cost-effective solutions for high-volume automotive composite parts production.

Called the ‘PRESCHE Project’, the joint-venture will see Quickstep develop 30% cheaper composite parts than other light-weight offerings for the automotive industry, the company claims.

Quickstep will combine two of its composite manufacturing technologies – Resin Spray Transfer (RST) and the Quickstep Process out-of-autoclave system, that uses Heat Transfer Fluid in fluid-filled trays to rapidly cure advanced composites – to create the automotive parts.

This joint-venture is a boon for the Australian company, which has been successful in the global defence market providing composites to the Joint Strike Fighter project.

The venture will also allow Quickstep a rare opportunity to get its RST in front of other German companies.

“We are very much looking forward to working with our partners in the PRESCHE program to further develop the RST technology and Quickstep Process for the automotive industry,” said managing director Philippe Odouard.

“The success of this program will position us to target a very significant medium term opportunity for composites in the car industry. 

“This has the potential to provide a very substantial second growth front for the Company alongside our existing activities in the Aerospace sector, where our major focus is on the imminent commencement of manufacturing of composite components for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program.”

The PRESCHE project commences in November 2011 and will run until October 2014.  The program is expected to run in parallel with other Quickstep RST developments focused on the early industrialisation of the technology for specific automotive requirements. 

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