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Quickstep passes key review in JSF program

Australian advanced composite component and solutions provider Quickstep Holdings has achieved a ‘key milestone’ with production preparations relating to the international Joint Strike Fighter program by successfully passing the ‘Toll Gate’ review set by global aerospace corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation.

This Toll Gate is for Manufacturing Readiness for Group 1 composite parts at Quickstep’s Coogee site in Western Australia and was required for Quickstep and Northrop to progress to final negotiations prior to signing the LTA.

It was held on-site between 18 and 20 October 2010 and was adjudicated by a Review Panel comprising key members of the Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin team.

The review process required Quickstep to demonstrate that it has processes, procedures and a trained workforce in place and to provide detailed evidence of the readiness of its equipment and facilities as well as an operational demonstration. Quickstep managers and personnel were questioned in detail by the Review Panel during the presentation. 

The Toll Gate Criteria were divided into 13 different categories, with a total of 160 items of evidence presented during the Review.

Quickstep Chief Executive Philippe Odouard said the first Toll Gate review had been highly successful, with the Company achieving an overall rating of 80% with no categories below 50% and most in the 70-90% range.

“For a start-up manufacturing facility this is an outstanding result, which has been achieved in exactly 12 months and on the date we said we would pass it – a great achievement by our staff and a reflection of the enormous dedication and hard work within our organisation,” Odouard said.

“Typically, a review of this complexity and stringency would take a lot longer and it is a credit to our team that we have been able to meet all the key criteria on time in such a short space of time.”

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