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Queensland calls for registrations of interest to build SuperGrid

Queensland manufacturing electricity equiment

Queensland is creating domestic manufacturing supply chains for the renewable energy components needed to build the state’s super grid, and is calling for support from local electricity equipment manufacturing businesses.

Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan released recently sets out a path to transform the state’s electricity network with $62 billion worth of public and private investment over the next 15 years.

Over the next 13 years, Queensland will need:

  • Over 2,000 wind towers and nacelles
  • Over 7,000 wind tower blades
  • Almost 25 million solar PV modules
  • Nearly 7,000 batteries.

“$62 billion means a step change investment in wind turbines, solar panels, batteries, pumped hydro equipment and transmission lines,” Palaszczuk said.

“And because so much of it will be procured by Queensland Government Owned Corporations, we get the chance to use our purchasing power to drive local manufacturing, which means even more local jobs. We want to seize this opportunity by manufacturing as much of this renewable energy equipment as possible right here in Queensland.”

Deputy premier Steven Miles said the government’s Energy Manufacturing Opportunities Prospectus would enable engagement with industry keen to support the state’s clean energy future through local manufacture.

“Instead of importing the wind tower blades, we could be manufacturing them in Queensland and using them to build our SuperGrid and exporting them to the world,” Miles said. “We’re calling on industry and businesses who are prepared to manufacture this equipment here in Queensland to register their interest.”

“Whether that’s by expanding existing facilities to meet the demand, establishing a new manufacturing business, or moving operations to Queensland, we want to engage with you” Miles added.

Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen Mick de Brenni said the $62 billion Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan clearly shows the renewable energy opportunity Queensland has at its fingertips.

“By applying our Buy Queensland procurement approach to the SuperGrid construction we can aggregate demand for components that have traditionally been wholly imported, and instead start an industrial scale manufacturing revolution,” de Brenni explained.

“Our Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan and the Buy Qld procurement approach means the publicly owned power companies will work with businesses to seize this opportunity and build entire new manufacturing supply chains to deliver this transformational infrastructure.”

“We’ve already backed the construction of a hydrogen electrolyser plant in central Queensland and we’re keen to get moving on batteries, transmission, electric vehicle, wind and solar farm component manufacturing too,” de Brenni added.

Miles said the government had enlisted the Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC) to conduct a confidential market sounding process that would identify manufacturing opportunities. “This information will be reported to government in March 2023 to inform the release of requests for proposal later in 2023.”

To register your interest, visit here.

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