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Queensland launches Australia’s first battery supply chain database

Queensland Manufacturing minister Glenn Butcher has introduced Australia’s innovative Battery Supply Chain Database to assist manufacturers in seizing opportunities within the battery manufacturing sector.

As global decarbonisation efforts escalate, the demand for battery storage is projected to increase tenfold by 2030.

The Battery Supply Chain Database, an initiative under Queensland’s Battery Industry Strategy 2024 – 2029 will  connecting businesses across Australia and New Zealand to procurement and supply chain opportunities.

This new initiative serves as a crucial tool for battery technology companies to identify business and supply chain prospects, fostering domestic production support. 

It also enables manufacturers outside the battery sector to explore new customer bases, markets, connections and potential investors within the battery supply chain.

Minister Glenn Butcher emphasised the significance of this initiative for Queensland’s manufacturing industry, recognising it as an opportunity to create new jobs and ensure long-term prosperity. 

Through strong industry-government partnerships, Queensland aims to generate over 9,100 jobs and contribute $1.3 billion to the economy by 2032.

“This database represents a major step forward in supporting the emerging battery industry and showcasing Queensland’s potential to contribute to the global value chain. Importantly, Queensland’s regions will play a major role in supporting new battery technology, with huge dividends expected by creating new jobs and more economic growth,” said Butcher.

QUT Director Energy Storage Research Group A/Prof Joshua Watts said this is a collaborative opportunity among government, academia, and industry to strengthen Queensland’s position in the energy storage sector.

“The database will strengthen collaboration and unlock further opportunities for local businesses to connect and generate resilient and sustainable supply chains to provide Australia and the world with much-needed battery commodities and products,” said Watts.  

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