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Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies hosts innovation day

The Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies (QCAT) hosts its annual Innovation and Excellence Day this Friday, 6 August.

This year’s theme, ‘Ideas with Impact’, looks at opportunities, both in research and industry engagement, which will benefit Queensland and Australia and drive the site forward over the next decade.

The QCAT will be working towards solutions for a range of industrial topics over the next year, including: low-emission coal-based power generation; commercial-scale geothermal energy; and mapping using mobile laser systems for the development of autonomous vehicles.

The site will also be helping small-to-medium businesses to find solutions to their technical issues and identify partners for CSIRO’s research products.

QCAT executive manager Mike McWilliams says guests at the annual Innovation and Excellence Day this Friday will gain an overview of some of the exciting R&D taking place at the Centre.

“QCAT has evolved into an advanced precinct where research critical to the future of Australia is being conducted on a daily basis,” he said.

“Innovation and Excellence Day allows stakeholders from research institutions, government and industry to foster partnerships in Queensland and across the country.”

The Day’s opening address will be presented by former Queensland Premier, the Hon. Mike Ahern AO.

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