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Qld pet treat manufacturer expands exports


Sunshine Coast pet treat business Huds and Toke has expanded into the Japanese market, after receiving a government grant in April.

The family business started four years ago, manufacturing high-quality dog, horse and cat treats in Queensland.

After receiving $90,000 under the state government’s Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund, the company has made plans to invest in building a supply chain and an e-commerce platform to boost its exports.

The company has announced it will enter the Japanese pet industry market within a week. Huds and Toke currently delivers to more than 800 stores throughout Australia and exports to Germany.

According to Innovation Minister Leanne Enoch, small business is “where all the action will be in the future”.

“Big businesses are not employing the way they used to and small business is where we will see the greatest number of employment opportunities in the future,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

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