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Qld meat processor shut down due to food safety concerns

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A newly-opened Queensland meat processor has been forced to halt operations after Safe Food Queensland placed a suspension on activity.

Barco Queensland, owned by pet food manufacturer Millennium Pet Foods, opened its inactive game meat abbatoir in Charleville this March.

Safe Food Queensland has not yet listed the reason for the Charleville processor’s suspension, and has declined to clarify at this point.

Barco Queensland general manager Daniel McGettigan was told of the plant’s suspension, but has not yet received a suspension notice of the conflict, and is not aware of the reason for the suspension.

“[Operations have] come to a screaming halt for ourselves, for the shooters and for the workers as well,” he told the ABC.

If the suspension is not lifted, the company will consider leasing another abbatoir or expanding its existing plant in Helensvale to handle all the processing, according to McGettigan.

Despite the plant’s expansion, it has been doing well otherwise, processing 1500 carcasses per week. McGettigan has also reported that IGA supermarkets are handling more product than was initially expected, and supermarket chains have been making repeat purchases.

The plant employed 25 staff, and sourced product from around 30 shooters.

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