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Protective suits for robots

ROMHELD Australia has introduced the Roboworld range of protective suits designed for robotic equipment operating in extreme environments.

ABB IRB6400 robot protected with Hypalon Robosuit.

Roboworld has been custom building Robosuits since 1993 to protect robotic equipment around the world from extreme manufacturing environments.

Robosuits can be deployed with any brand of robot in any application and industry.

Some examples where protective suits are used include die casting, furnace tending, high temperature, machine tending, material handling, palletising, painting, surface finishing, cleanrooms, coolrooms, and food handling (FDA approved).

Features include: bellows built into the wrist and lower arm unit to permit unrestricted movement over the robot’s complete working envelope; pockets incorporated for protruding servo motors.

High quality and performance materials are used in the construction of each Robosuit including aluminum-coated silica fabric, aluminum-coated Kevlar, DuPont Hypalon-impregnated Nylon, DuPont Nylon, laminated Teflon (PTFE), and silicone-coated fiberglass.

Flap-protected industrial grade zippers extend the full length of each linear piece for quick and easy suit installation and removal. Options include integrated heating or cooling (climate control), base covers, curtains, pressurisers, and balancing unit covers.

Romheld Australia distributes Roboworld products, along with a complete range of gripper systems, robot end effectors, and automation accessories, throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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