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Proposals flow in for SA’s Renewable Tech Fund

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The SA state government has received 60 international proposals under its $150 million Renewable Technology Fund. The proposals included a diverse range of next generation renewable energy and energy storage technologies, including batteries, bioenergy, pumped hydro, thermal, compressed air and flywheel. The government website mentioned that successful applicants will be notified in the ensuing months.

Of these proposals, Adelaide-based company 1414 Degrees has submitted three proposals for consideration, including a pilot 10MWh thermal storage project that could allow SA Water to store some of the energy it generates from biogas produced at the Glenelg Waste Water Treatment Plant.

This August, the SA government issued guidelines and three calls for proposals as part of the $150 million Renewable Technology Fund. The calls for proposals covered:

  • Firming renewable generation – e.g. incorporating storage or other equipment into wind or solar developments for increased inertia and system stability
  •  Bulk energy storage – e.g. pumped hydro, compressed air or thermal storage
  • Bioenergy – e.g. energy produced from agricultural wastes or by-products.

A portion of the fund has already been allocated to the grid-scale battery currently being built by Tesla and Neoen near Jamestown.

Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis said, “What this result shows is that companies around the world recognise the potential that exists in the energy and storage sector in South Australia. The applicants include some of the leading global companies operating at the forefront of these emerging technologies. We also received very exciting proposals from local businesses, demonstrating the incredible capability of the entrepreneurs we have in this State.”


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