Large connector housings for high-position supply lines

Heavycon Standard housings from Phoenix Contact are made using high-grade, corrosion-resistant aluminum. Thanks to their conductive surface and seals, they are also suitable for EMC applications.

The housings, available in sizes B32 and B48, can accommodate two fixed-position contact inserts side by side, saving a great deal of space when wiring.

The B32 housings can accept two B16 inserts and can be interlocked with double locking latches. Two B24 contact inserts can be installed in the single locking latch-equipped B48 housings.

The housings are available with side-exit or straight cable outlet. Matching covers are also available. The housings are designed for high mechanical stresses and vibration. The standard-compliant sizes of these sleeve, panel mounting, and surface mounting housings ensure that they are fully compatible with the industry standard.