Gel products for vibration insolation and thermal conductivity

Image credit: NPA

NPA has introduced a new range of gel products that offer superior performance to traditional rubber and spring alternatives in a number of applications.

The gels are based on a new silicon compound and their highest damping effect arises when it is compressed 10 per cent up to 30 per cent. An important feature is their ability to operate effectively over a very wide temperature range of from -40° C to +200° C.

They offer excellent resistance to weather, ozone, UV radiation, chemicals and are low in compression set. Performance remains the same even after repeated use.

The gels are non-toxic, non-allergenic and emit no harmful gasses when burned.

There are three main classes of gel products available:

  1. Mounted, bushing and sheet gels for vibration damping. Gel displays exceptional damping functionality. Its high softness and pliability give these gels great vibration damping and vibration control performance. They can be used for both small, sensitive parts and large-scale heavy machinery. They excel in protecting parts from low frequency vibrations.
  2. Gel sheets, tape and foam for shock absorption. The gels are exceptionally soft, able to cushion the fall of an egg dropped from a height of eighteen meters without breaking it. This level of absorption is impossible to realise with conventional rubber.
  3. Paste for thermal conductivity. Gel is applied between a heat source and heat sink, eliminating air gaps. The gel paste compresses easily, absorbing dimensional tolerances. It is highly non-flammable and electrically nonconductive and has excellent long-term performance.


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