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FLEXLINK has introduced the new X85 conveyor platform, X85 pallet system, line control, and Youtilize software in a major step towards fulfilling its vision of becoming the first choice for production logistics.

The new X85 pallet system is a toolbox for single piece flow solutions.

The X85 conveyor’s capacity and speed sets new performance standards to what a conveyor system can do. It offers longest in class MTBF and lowest in class noise level.

Line control

FlexLink’s distributed line control allows dynamic speed control, with soft starts and stops. This enables gentle product handling, and efficient line balancing at considerably lower power consumption. The concept ensures easy engineering, installation and maintenance.

Pallet system

The new X85 pallet system is a toolbox for single piece flow solutions enabling flexible routing, and full control of each product in process. There are different configurations in accordance with application needs, and the pallets are prepared for communication with machines, line control and MES solutions.

Manufacturing execution software

Youtilize from FlexLink is an MES (manufacturing execution software) that manages all resources available in the production: operators, machines and parts used; as well as all data and information needed for the production. It communicates in real time, enabling enhanced production efficiency and automatic quality assurance.

FlexLink is a leading production logistics supplier – providing material and information flow management solutions to assembly and manufacturing industries.

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