Zero backlash couplings

WHEN fitting stepper motors, servomotors, gearboxes and encoders to machines, care must be taken to ensure all devices are co-axial (no angular or parallel misalignment). Failure to do so will place excessive loads on bearings and will reduce the life of the components.

Bervina has introduced new flexible couplings with some angular and parallel compliance which have been designed improve the life of bearings while maintaining constant velocity and low backlash.

Constructed from a one piece aluminium, steel or stainless steel section, the couplings contain no wearing parts, eleminating the need for lubrication.

The couplings are manufactured by cutting several helical slots into a solid cylindrical section. Because they are machined from a single section, they are constant velocity couplings and do not cause backlash in position control systems.

Two types are available. The 6 beam couplings consist of 2 sets of 3 helical slots providing good parallel offset. The 3 beam couplings consist of one set of 3 helical slots and are shorter so they can be installed in confined spaces. Both clamp fixing and set screw fixing versions are available, the clamp version having greater gripping torque.

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