Workholding kits

ACCORDING Kurt, users can add clamping stations and increase vertical machining centre productivity with the company’s new workholding kits for trunion fixture rotary tables.

The kits include a 4-sided column with eight clamping stations that provides repeatable precision clamping to 0.0002″.

Using the system adds a fourth indexing axis to 3-axis vertical machining centres and allows for machining three sides of a part in one clamping.

Providing the eight clamping stations of a vice tower system, the sustem is designed to reduce part setup time while increasing machining speeds.

Available in sizes for integration into most popular indexer models, the rotary table workholding stations can deliver up to 5,870lbs of clamping force at 60ft/lbs of torque.

The system features a self-adjusting holding block of either front or back jaw for clamping the same or dissimilar sized parts. Jaws index 180°. An adjustable pre-load feature reduces handle turns for opening and closing clamping stations.

The four-sided column includes locating journal, end support assembly, face plate, locating pins, T-Nuts and screws for easy assembly into an indexer. Mounting plates are available as an option.

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