Movus launches wireless condition monitoring tool

Movus, the developer and provider of the FitMachine IIoT solution, has launched an advanced and cost-effective, certified condition monitoring technology in a bid to reduce maintenance costs.

FitMachine EX has been built specifically for explosive environments where monitoring and maintaining the equipment is extremely hazardous, so safety is critical to engineering and maintenance processes.

These include upstream oil and gas, refineries, industrial chemicals, mining and food processing sites.

Movus designed FitMachine EX in partnership with oil and gas companies following its win of the KPMG Energise 2.0 Accelerator Program sponsored by Woodside, Chevron, BHP, WesFarmers Chemicals and South32.

Movus also undertook extensive certification process, included internal systems and processes, manufacturing auditing processes and material management control to ensure compliance with ISO/IEC 80079-34:2018, the quality system for manufacturing devices for Explosive Atmospheres.

Movus founder and CEO Brad Parsons said from the company’s work with major industrial organisations, it recognised the need for an intrinsically safe sensor.

“Safety is a core value at Movus and we are now excited to bring the FitMachine EX solution to market for the oil and gas, and food processing industries,” said Parsons

“We understand that these are extremely sensitive environments where equipment downtime directly impacts the bottom line. By providing the most advanced artificial intelligence-powered condition monitoring solution at a cost-effective price, FitMachine EX delivers a very compelling solution,” he said.

Movus has chosen ALS as its main go-to-market business partner for FitMachine EX, due to ALS’s asset reliability and condition monitoring expertise in the heavy asset industries.

ALS Group general manager Mushfiq Rahman said ALS has been working with Movus for more than twelve months and see great value in the FitMachine EX.

“Our clients have been asking for an intrinsically safe wireless sensor, and we are very pleased with this advanced technology, rigorous testing and certification, and the rapid development speed,” said Rahman.

FitMachine is a condition-based maintenance solution that detects machine failures in advance using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The solution comprises an industrial intrinsically safe wireless sensor, mobile application, analytics and trending dashboards, and an artificial intelligence engine. The system continuously monitors equipment 24×7 and learns what the normal operation of machinery is to detect any abnormalities and alert the organisation before failures occur. The insights provided are extremely valuable in avoiding unplanned downtime.