Wide operating temperature range in Sine-wave Encoder S 21

The Hengstler S21 Sine-wave Encoder features a wide operating temperature range of -15 °C to +120 °C and also has high limiting frequency with excellent signal quality.

According to Automated Control Engineering (A.C.E.), this allows for highest peak speeds and reduced non-productive time wastage,

With excellent immunity to interference (EN 61000-4-4, Class 4) and high functional safety due to signal control and system monitoring (under-voltage, pollution, disc damage, end of LED service life) the S21 Sine-wave Encoder reportedly offers reliable and consistent data control. 

The product also has high signal quality through control and error compensation.

It features number of pulses = 2048ppr, 10mm shaft diameter, protection class IP40, supply voltage DC 5 V ±10 % (SELV) and is RoHS compatible.

Automated Control Engineering (A.C.E.) is the national distributors for the Hengstler S21 Sine-wave Encoder.

Automated Control Engineering (A.C.E.)
02 4954 5004 – sales@aceg.com.au

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