Welding reels

REEL TECH is offering the Hannay Welding Reels range; for use in arc welding, gas welding and cutting operations. The SWCR/CR Series are arc welding reels designed to handle #2 through 4/0 cable to 400 amps rated rotary electrical device.

They are available as either power or manual rewind and provide instant use with any cable length unwound.

The SWCR/CR Series ensure quick connection to a welder and are for use with single conductor electrode cable or grounding lead.

The TWCR Series is a dual arc welding reel, designed to handle #1 through 4/0 cable to 400 amps, grounding and arc welding leads on the same reel unit. There are two spools to hold separate lengths of welding cable, with a 400 amp rotary electrical device for instant and constant use.

The N400 and 2400 Series are able to handle twin welding hose. The N400 is a spring rewind reel, containing a heavy-duty spring motor, whilst the 2400 is available with either manual or power rewind.

Reel Tech – www.reeltech.com.au

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