Welders’ protection gear

BOC has released the Weld Guard range of protective welding gear.

The range is available in a range of fabrics from leather to fire retardant cotton jackets.

The Weld Guard range has a variety of protective clothing with new additions to the range from premium gloves to improved welding jackets, snoods, caps and hoods.

The fire retardant cotton jackets come with a choice of heavy or light weight fabric. The upgraded fabrics make Weld Guard one of the safest available protective ranges on the market.

All fire retardant (FR) cotton items have been tested for durability, flame resistance, radiant heat, molten metal splash and undergo dermatological tests. The fabric is Pyrovatex and is FR for 200 washes.

All fire retardant items meet European standards for Welder Use (EN470-1), Radiant Heat C1 (EN366), Flame Resistance (EN532), Molten Metal Splash (iron) E2 (EN373) and Convective Heat B2 (EN367).

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