Weld force test kit

AMS Instrumentation has a weld force test kit (WFTK) that is used to check the electrode force in spotwelding equipment.

The WFTK consists of a force transducer and a display unit.

To check the forces acting between the electrodes, the force transducer is held between the electrodes.

The concave surfaces centre the force transducer and when the welding electrodes come together, the magnitude of the applied force can be read off on the display unit.

The force transducer is of shear force construction and therefore insensitive to transverse forces and torques. It has a measuring range of 0-10kN.

The output signal is connected to the handheld display unit via a cable. This display unit carries the voltage supply for the transducer. Alternatively, the supply can be taken from a PLC.

Thin-film sensors are the heart of the measuring system. The sensor, which is laser welded, has all the advantages of the conventional bonded foil strain gauges, but without having their substantial disadvantages (temperature drifts of the glue and creeping).

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