VSDˢ – the next generation’s compressor


Atlas Copco brings you the GA VSDˢ – a truly ground-breaking compressor for the generation that demands it all. 

When Atlas Copco introduced the first VSD compressor more than 20 years ago, it could not imagine that there would ever be another compressor that would so drastically change the industry. And yet, here they are, doing it for the third time with this third generation of VSD technology.  

It is the result of continuous investment in innovation. But more importantly, it is the result of the expertise and the hard work of their development teams. It is as though they reinvented the compressor – looking at every single component to figure out how we can make a revolutionary product even better, even more efficient, even more reliable and even more sustainable. The result is a true marvel of innovation that deserves all the superlatives used today to describe it.   

But the VSDˢ is not just a new generation of VSD compressors, it is the compressor for a new generation, a true sustainable innovation. Their products are at the cutting edge of technology and allow our customers to, not only meet today’s standards but also those of tomorrow. Climate change is having a direct impact on lives. Sustainability is no longer an option, but something we must achieve. They have to make a meaningful difference together… not in some distant future, but right now. Atlas Copco is ready to seize this mantle of responsibility – because they have never been satisfied with the status quo and will always keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible.   

There really is no better example of this innovative spirit than this VSDˢ. It cuts energy use so drastically that it has a direct impact on the customers’ environmental footprint. They also choose not to use rare earth materials in their new motor design. That may seem like a small thing, but it illustrates how important sustainability is.  

When you add up the unrivalled performance and the careful use of resources, you get a compressor that leads the way and raises the bar once again. It’s a truly transformational compressor for a rapidly changing industry.   

Company: Atlas Copco 
Phone: 1800 908 994

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