Vacuum tube lifter

MILLSOM Materials Handling has released the JumboFlex vacuum tube lifter designed for ergonomic handling, maximum flexibility in many different or quickly changing applications, extensive freedom of movement in production, assembly and distribution, precise material handling without damage to the goods and for use in rooms whose ceilings were previously too low to permit the use of manual vacuum handling systems.

The 35kg lifter can be mounted on crane systems, on wall or column-mounted slewing cranes or on existing overhead cranes, and can thus be used practically everywhere where it is needed.

According to the company, the ideal solution is the combination of the JumboFlex and an easy-running low friction crane system or one of the slewing cranes (mounted on a wall or a column) which Millsom offers as part of the product range.

The vacuum tube lifter is designed and equipped optimally for one-hand operation.

Depending on the requirements, the vacuum can be generated with an electric pump or with a multi-stage ejector powered by compressed-air.

The lifting tube has a diameter of 80 or 100 mm, depending on the maximum load, and the lifting speed is between 50 and 60m/min.

Millsom Materials Handling 1800 99 22 11.

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