Unique torque test networking system

Nextech, through its Australian distributor SI Instruments, has recently released the DTX torque tester networking system — truly unique transducer networking which saves time and is hassle-free.

The Nextech DTX system consists of a monitor and up to 8 external Nextech XTTS transducers.

The daisy-chained transducers are recognised automatically by the monitor at the time of power-up. Any transducer that has torque applied will be automatically selected by the monitor for display.

Calibration and parameters of each transducer are stored individually inside the “smart” transducer – there is no set-up required when connecting.

This system is ideal for operations with a wide range of torque settings — Nextech XTTS transducers are available in capacities from 0.5 to 1,500 Nm with an accuracy of 1% of reading.

The Nextech DTX system is suitable for calibrating torque of manually operated screwdrivers and wrenches as well as for power operated tools, pneumatic and electrical. Different size adapters and rundown fixtures are available for various brands of torque tools.

The Nextech DTX Monitor features an auto-lit backlight LCD display, 9 selectable units of measurement and reading in Peak hold, First peak and Track mode.

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