UHMWPE Polyethylene for the Food Industry


Allplastics stock, cut and machine UHMWPE Rod & Sheet for a wide range of industries and applications. 

The material is especially suitable for food manufacturing and preparation facilities. If exhibits excellent wear resistance characteristics due to its low co-efficient of friction (second only to PTFE). It has high impact strength, is molecularly stable and suitable for low temperatures. 

Polyethylene is a food grade material with FDA approval, it also has non stick properties. This makes it the preferred option for chopping boards pasta rollers, rolling pins, wall cladding for meat, fish and poultry plants. 

In addition, Allplastics Engineering offers Nylon, Acetal, PEEK, Polypropylene for more demanding conditions. Clear Polycarbonate machine guards are fabricated for safety and noise reduction in factories. 

Product Properties 

  • Low Coefficient of friction
  • Excellent abrasion resistant
  • High surface release (non-stick) Properties
  • Impact resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent dampening (including noise) properties
  • Suited for Low temperatures
  • Good electrical insulation. 

Product Applications 

  • Cutting Boards
  • Rollers/ Rolling Pins
  • Chain sprockets
  • StarWheels for Bottling plants 
  • Chute liners
  • Conveyor components
  • Mechanical bearing components.

CompanyAllplastics Engineering  

Phone(02) 8038 2000 


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