Turck introduces IP67 RFID interface with OPC UA server

Turck’s TBEN-L RFID module with an integrated OPC UA server simplifies the connection of factory automation to the IT world.

At the Hannover Messe Turck is presenting an IP67 RFID interface with an integrated OPC UA server. The platform-independent OPC UA communication standard enables the TBEN-L OPC UA to simplify the integration of RFID systems in systems such as ERP, MES or cloud systems, as well as in controllers. Authentication and integrated security protocols protect communication between the systems from unauthorized access and manipulation.

The TBEN-L5-4RFID-8DXP-OPC-UA module is compliant with the companion specification for Auto-ID devices. This standard enables the customer to replace devices between the Auto-ID systems of different manufacturers. The standard specification for the use of RFID and barcode readers saves the customer having to do manufacturer-specific programming and simplifies integration in the higher-level systems, thus often eliminating the engagement of a system integrator.

Like the other TBEN-L RFID modules, the robust OPC UA RFID module comes with a high degree of protection (IP65/67/69K), as well as four RFID interfaces for connecting HF and/or UHF read/write heads. Eight additional universal channels can be used as inputs or outputs. This simplifies the connection of sensors as trigger signals or actuators as indicator lights for acknowledging processes.


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