Tri-axis ultrashock recorder

PACIFIC Sensor Technologies’ UltraShock tri-axial shock recorder is a re-engineered portable instrument for measuring and recording peak shock, temperature, humidity and ambient air pressure over a user-defined interval.

The Madgetech recorder allows the user to see whether something was hit or dropped during shipment, assembly, and production, or to validate the operating of drilling equipment.

The recorder is a stand-alone instrument that measures and records shock as peak acceleration levels over a user-defined interval and can be started and stopped directly from a computer.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications, this 9V battery-powered instrument measures only 1.0″ x 3.5″ x 4.4″, weighs 12 oz. It can be mounted anywhere to log maximum shock as it occurs.

Sampling at 512Hz (less than two milliseconds), it stores peak shock values for a selected interval from 64 readings/second to one reading per 5 minutes and stores over 174,000 readings per channel.

Temperature, pressure and humidity are sampled at a maximum rate of 2 seconds.

Pacific Sensor Technologies is the distributor of the Madgetech range of data loggers in Australia.

Pacific Sensor Technologies 07 3893 3087.


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