Tilt sensors

NEW tilt sensors from Bernstein can be used in industrial environment wherever there is a need to detect and supervise tilt as measured variable.

For use in large cranes, swing bridges, diggers, industrial trucks, agricultural machinery, robots and machine monitoring.

The all-electronic tilt sensors for measuring ranges of ±10°C, ±20°C, ±45°C and ±80°C.

The tilt sensor, which is designed with EMV screened circuitry, is accommodated in a robust metal housing; therefore it is weatherproof and suitable for operating temperatures from -40°C up to +80°C.

Additionally the tilt sensor is well protected against oils, dust and ingress to IP67. The selectable measuring range and optional current or voltage output (on request), make the tilt sensors suitable for almost every field of application.

The electronic tilt measurement has big advantages over previously used mercury switches, high sensitivity to vibration, inaccurate angle detection, high inertia as well as heavy-metal mass are now a thing of the past.

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