Temporary hose sealing caps

WURTH has released a smart method of quick sealing hose ends for temporary capping. Called U Caps, and available in a boxed selection, the caps are suitable for a large range of sizes and types of applications and are hand fitted in just a few seconds.

Wurth U Caps rubber end seal selection set.

Both internal and external threads can be capped.

Made from top quality nitrile rubber, they are accurately sized to simply accept a hand push and twist quick fitting onto the gas threads, yet hold 30psi pressure.

Wurth U Caps come in a selection of all popular sizes from 5 to 35mm, in a box of 62 and work within a wide operating temperature range of -20C to +120C.

The nitrile rubber is resistant to all types of fuels and oils and can be re-used many times. The caps have been sized to work within most sizes of JIC, BSP, JIS, o-ring face and flange head fittings.

“This innovative way of instantly sealing hoses is a must for every factory, workshop and service kit,” says Wurth’s John Tsakoumangos.

“The easy-to-apply caps prevent fluid loss and contamination and can be used on male and female pipe fittings, hoses, and flange fittings. All that is needed is to select the right diameter.

“Definitely a case of a must-have for everyone who works with hoses or fittings,” Tsakoumangos said.

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