Temperature and process controllers

Practical Control Solutions has released the SDM range of temperature & process controllers from Sanup Electrical Company.

Inputs are universal and include a wide range of thermocouples, RTDs and linear DC signals.

Outputs are universal in all but the 48mm2 model. Available outputs are relay contact, logic (for driving solid state relays) and 4-20mA.

A full range of DIN panel sizes are offered, from 48mm2 to 96mm2. Alarm contacts are standard, as are transmitter power supplies in all models except the 48mm2 unit.

All SDM controllers can be configured as 2 program 12 step program controllers, or the programs can be linked to give one 24 step program.

The SDM temperature controllers can also be configured as a fixed setpoint controller.

Manual percentage output operation is possible on the 72mm2, 48 x 96mm and 96mm2 temperature controllers.

An optional RS485/MODBUS® interface allows these controllers to be connected to most SCADA systems.

Typical controller applications include incubators, environmental chambers, high temperature laboratory furnaces, timber drying kilns, plastic extruders, industrial kilns and furnaces, packaging equipment and product drying.

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