Tagline fall protection system

DBI-SALA has launched a new Power Tagline system that provides easy access to obstructed self-retracting lifelines (SRLs) mounted overhead.

With the push of a button, the system lowers the SRL line allowing access to the SRL connecting hook for connection to a harness.

Once the work is complete the line can be raised out of the way.

With travel speeds of 22.7 metres per minute, faster than most electrical winches, there is less waiting time for the fall protection system to be accessed.

Quick and smooth operation means efficiency and increased productivity. With a line that extends 30 metres, extreme ceiling to floor heights are now conducive to overhead fall protection systems.

The unit has a limit switch that automatically turns off the unit once the counter weight contacts the overhead winch unit.

This prevents damage and over-winding of the cable in case the operator is unaware of the location of the counter weight.

The rugged remote control withstands even the harshest industrial settings.

The unit operates on 240V, with standard electrical connections that make installation easy and fast.

The mounting brackets clamp onto existing structures, including beam flanges and trusses up to 457mm wide. No drilling or welding is required.

It is compatible with all self-retracting lifeline models and accommodates multiple fall protection systems.

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