Surge protection devices

EACH year many Australian homes & businesses suffer from serious damage to electrical equipment caused by voltage surges on the electrical supply. However, it is possible to avoid potential costly damages by using a Surge Protection Device (SPD).

AS/NZ 3000: 2007 Wiring Rules released late last year, highlights the importance of SPDs. It lists conditions that may warrant installation of a SPD, including “dwellings containing sensitive electronic equipment (e.g. home office, home theatre, computer network, etc.)” which, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics*, applies to over three-quarters of Australian households.

The Schneider Electric multi9 SPD offers protection of electrical installations “against overvoltages caused by powerline disturbances and by natural events, such as lightning strikes to, or near to, exposed conductors”.

The multi9 SPDs are completely designed and manufactured by Schneider Electric and have end of life and remote indication. These features mean Schneider Electric customers can always be confident their sensitive electronic equipment is being protected.

According to the company, it has simplified SPD selection by creating the Surge Arrestor Selection Guide.

The guide has been designed to help users identify which SPD is the most suitable through 3 simple questions and can be found in the technical section of the Schneider Electric 08 catalogue or available under the A-Z product section of the Schneider Electric Australia website: www.schneider-electric.com.au

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