Storemasta in-vehicle gas cylinder storage

The STOREMASTA range of gas cylinder storage cages and cabinets now include a range of cabinets for the storage of gas cylinders in motor vehicles.

Catering for the small 4.5kg and 9kg LPG cylinders through to the ‘D’ and ‘E’ size oxy/acetylene cylinders, this range offers a solution for all tradesman including plumbers and gas fitters.

Occupational health and safety has been the main focus in the design and construction of these stores – with some recent fatalities as a result of a leaking cylinder housed in motor vehicles, the STOREMASTA vehicle gas cabinets are fully sealed and are vented to outside the vehicle.

The STOREMASTA vehicle gas cylinder cabinets are easily self installed and are supplied with the appropriate safety and warning signage.

Regulations require the cylinders to travel in the vertical position with regulators and torches removed. The cabinets all include provision for the storage of regulators, hose and torch.

The STOREMASTA vehicle gas stores can be fitted to all trades vehicles and are suited to a wide range of industry applications including plumbing, refrigeration, construction, mechanical services and protective coatings industries.