Spindle-driven actuator

FESTO’s spindle-driven cantilever axis EGSA, featuring high-performance mechanical components and a wide choice of motors, reduces cycle times to the absolute minimum.

In contrast to the electrical cantilever axis DGEA, designed for long strokes covering large areas, the strength of the EGSA is in its short stroke. It offers a repetition accuracy of ±0.01mm.

Thanks to open standard interfaces, the EGSA can be integrated into Festo’s modular mechatronic handling and assembly technology system.

The EGSA enables free use of non-Festo motors. The position can be freely defined while a belt transmission attachment makes it possible to mount motors parallel to the EGSA.

A selection of couplings and coupling housings is available for axial mounting.

EGSA is available as a complete solution with a motor and controller or simply as an individual component, depending on the needs of the application.

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P – 03 9790 3623

W – www.festo.com

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