Space saving pallets


Cabka-IPS, a manufacturer of sustainable pallets, has released a new range of space saving pallets.
The new size 1140 x 1140 mm (Nest C5.2), augmenting the existing pallets in size 1100 x 1100 mm Nest C5. 
The large Nest C5.2, is available as a nestable pallet with nine feet or in a version with six clip-on runners. 
This pallet is a space-saver: 15 empty pallets stack to a height of just one meter. 
This permits dense storage and economical transport of empties. 
The result is lower shipping costs and reduced CO2 emissions.
The new pallets also save space when they are in service. 
The Nest C5.2 makes optimal use of the space in an ISO container (2320 mm inside width): two pallets fit side by side. 
Five can be lined up in a 20-foot container (5710 mm inside length) and ten in a 40-foot container (12 40 mm inside length). 
Thus the pallets fit snugly in containers of both lengths, whereas other pallets often require additional packing material. 
Die Nest C5.2 is very easy to handle. 
Its square base allows fork lifts to pick it up from any side. 
Workers have no trouble moving it by hand, because it weighs only 12.5 kg when empty. The weight-to-load ratio is high, with the pallet coping with static loads of up to 4000 kg and dynamic loads of up to 1500 kg. 
The pallet is available with or without a closed top deck.
Cabka IPS