Space-saving I/O modules

NEW high-density Allen-Bradley Compact I/O modules are now available from Rockwell Automation.

The additions to the I/O range include new high-performance analogue, digital and ASCII modules that accommodate a range of applications while conserving panel space.

Providing improved installation and operational flexibility, the new high-density modules are compatible with the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix and MicroLogix control platforms.

All Allen-Bradley Compact I/O modules feature a unique tongue-and-groove design that enables individual modules to be joined and locked together, allowing precise I/O configuration for specific applications.

The I/O modules can be installed either on a panel with two mounting screws or on a DIN rail, eliminating the need for a rack, which saves panel space.

The new Compact I/O modules are available in a range of configurations – isolated analogue, digital and serial ASCII.

The analogue modules offer 16-bit resolution and up to four isolated channels, each with 500V ac or 710V dc for one minute channel-channel and channel-backplane isolation.

The new 32-point 24V dc digital modules feature a standard single-slot plastic case developed specifically to save panel-space.

The ASCII module features a two-channel serial ASCII interface with the capacity to support ASCII messages of up to 200 characters.

This module is ideal for connecting to bar-code scanners, and printers as well as radio frequency identification (RFID) applications.

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