SMC’s highly adaptable blue silicone rubber vacuum pad

The latest vacuum pad from SMC is the ZP3P – designed to offer optimum absorbing performance and efficient handling. It features a blue coloured, silicone rubber pad that prevents wrinkles and is compliant with the FDA regulations. What’s more, the bright blue colour makes it easy to spot during contamination inspections, making it ideal for the food and medical sectors.

SMC has extended its range of vacuum pads with the ZP3P that stands out from the crowd due to its enhanced design for stable adsorption and handling.

ZP3P Ideal Features

The ZP3P features a thin and soft pad skirt, with reduced leakage and a strong grip, so that it’s ideal for working with thin workpieces that deform during adsorption.

Furthermore, the flat shape of the vacuum pad with a central stopper creates a surface that does not damage or deface the product and prevents wrinkles on thin materials such as vinyl and film.

SMC has extended its silicone rubber vacuum pad range with the ZP3P, which has been designed with precision in mind. Highly adaptable, it can work with the trickiest of workpieces that are uneven, soft, variable or ultra-thin, such as film-wrapped products, without leaving traces of any wrinkles.

A wide range of uses

The pad design of the ZP3P is suitable for a wide range of applications such as film packaging, palletizing, printing and labelling. There are seven different types of adapters for customers to choose from and the option of a buffer.