Simultaneous 2-axis measurement

ROSEBANK Engineering is proud to introduce the new Taylor Hobson DA400 dual axis autocollimator, specifically designed for the simultaneous two axis straightness measurement of machine tool slideways.

Measurements are automatically entered into the computer for both X and Y directions at each measuring position along the slideway.

Typically a ten metre slide can be checked in just a few minutes – a considerable reduction in the amount of time taken compared with more conventional methods and with the addition of the Talyvel electronic level, twist or roll can also be measured.

A reflector is used in conjunction with the autocollimator, mounted onto a carriage, specifically designed for dual axis measurement.

Up to 90 measuring steps can be taken for straightness checking and all steps must be of equal distance. The reflector carriage is moved along the slideway in equidistant steps.

Communication between the system and operator on the PC is in simple conversational language, enabling inexperienced personnel to carry out measurements. Each stage of measurement to be carried out is prompted by the computer display, which also indicates when any error of operation has occurred.

The new software used with the autocollimator also allows the results to be presented in a variety of graphical and tabular forms and printed in the form of a certificate with a record of any additional measurement/environmental data.

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