Sheetmetal punch centres

PIVATIC’s PivaPunch machines work straight from the coil and employ an advanced, freely programmable CNC coil punch system.

The centres are based on a simple tool cassette which is designed to move as little as possible between punches, as opposed to the rotating designs in competing machines which have to cover great distances between operations.

The tool cassettes move along the Y-axis across the metal sheet, while the sheet itself moves along the X-axis. The configuration for the centre is dual tool cassettes, which are located on each side of the sheet.

Patented technology provides a high hit rate, DTP (double tool punch), simultaneous tool hit for symmetrical hole patterns, programmable stroke and attachments for a variety of tool cassettes.

The system uses commonly available thick turret tools and the combination of two punching stations in sequence greatly increases versatility and production speed for more complex processes.

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