SGF Releases new Coupling systems

SGF (Suddeutsche Gelenkscheibenfabrik Gmbh), the German company specialising in torque transmission and anti-vibration solutions have unveiled their new SGFlex-3F and TENBEX-ECO Series coupling assemblies designed to effectively transmit torques from 100 Nm up to 40 kNm.

SGF utilise its trademark Tenpu® fibre technology, a combination of cord inlays vulcanised within select rubber compounds that operate in tension rather than pressure or shear load in these new products. This tension load principle ensures that the Tenpu® fibre reinforcement transmit the majority of the torque whilst more efficiently reducing noise and vibration, providing improved tolerance to shock loads and compensation of radial, axial and angular misalignments. The couplings have a high power density ratio resulting in considerable reduction in installation space and weight.


SGFlex-3F Series

Complete with pilot bore flanges or flywheel adaptor. These flexible couplings are designed to connect a single shaft, two shafts or a flywheel to a shaft. Several size options are available depending on installation requirements.

Suitable for nominal torques from 100 Nm to 3240 Nm.


The TENBEX-ECO series is a SGF link coupling system available for two types of application connections. Type F for a direct connection to an engine, and Type D for a shaft to shaft connection. The coupling can be combined with optional hubs, spacer and adapter flanges to provide complete fitment versatility without extensive modifications or further engineering to the equipment. Further, each coupling has the flexibility of been easily upgraded or downgraded (within its size limit) to suit the different torque requirements by easily changing to different torque and stiffness rated link elements.

Suitable for nominal torques from 4.8 kNm to 40 kNm

The SGFlex-3F and TENBEX-ECO series coupling units with their high power density ratio, durable and resilient design, easy fitment and virtually service free operation are the ideal solution for safe and effective torque transfer applications not matter what the application may be.