Self-Contained Showers and Eye Wash Units

Self-Contained Showers and Eye Wash Units

The self-contained showers or eye wash units are Enware’s non-plumbed solution to enhancing your workplace safety.

High performance and independently tested for ANSI Z358.1-2009 and AS4775-2007 compliance standard
Enware has self contained systems to suit any requirement and environment.

The EM850 is a re-locatable, fully self-contained solar battery powered, pumped safety shower and eyewash unit. The robust design and reliable performance of the unit in a wide range of temperatures, ensures the unit can withstand the harshest dessert environments. This makes it the perfect solution for the mining, oil and gas, defence and heavy duty industries where these services are limited.

Some key features include:

·         No need for mains power connection

·         No need for plumbing connection

·         solar battery charging for use in remote locations Self monitoring alerts system visible from distance

·         Integrated pallet for portability with a fork and lugs fro crane lifting

·         Red light and audio alarm to indicate emergency equipment in use

·         LED display to show water level, battery power and water temperature


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