RF power amplifiers

TESEQ (formerly the instrumentation division of Schaffner) has released a large range of RF broadband, power amplifiers covering frequencies to 6 GHz and with output powers to 1100W, suitable for EMC immunity/susceptibility testing including radiated and conducted interference testing protocol requirements for general, commercial, military and automotive applications.

The amplifiers are all class A and are capable of operating safely into open and short circuits, with low distortion, and linear performance.

The amplifiers are available with a large number convenient frequency break points allowing optimisation at various power levels.

A typical example is the Teseq CBA100M-110, 10 kHz to 110 MHz, class A, broadband amplifier.

The unit is powered from a switched mode power supply for high efficiency, high power factor and wide voltage range operation.

The unit is air-cooled with integral fans, and is protected against faulty cooling by excess temperature sensing.

A safety interlock connector is provided, which the user can short circuit to ground, to put the amplifier into standby mode.

Westek Electronics 03 9369 8802, www.westek.com.au.

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