Reliable electric gripper

THE HGPLE electric gripper with integrated motor and gear unit from Festo has been designed to provide variable positioning and speed control, together with flexible, controlled and secure gripping.

The unit is especially suitable for applications where compressed air is not available.

Precise control over gripper positioning and speed is ensured by the Festo motor controller which is offered complete with simple programming and commissioning software.

Machine cycle times can be reduced by programming a standby position for the freely positionable gripper fingers. Internal or external gripping is possible without changing grippers.

The gripper will operate reliably for up to 10 million strokes and is optimised for use in harsh environments thanks to its sturdy T-slot design.

It is also part of the Festo multi-axis modular system, so it has the same mounting dimensions and identical interfaces to Festo pneumatic grippers.

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